Our Story

Who we are

Hi! We'd like to introduce ourselves and our Furry Founders; our names are Jennifer and Krystin Cornaro, a mother-in law/daughter-in-law team from Avon, OH. Jennifer’s dog, Lola, suffers from a protein allergy and has trouble watching her waistline – she needs a low-fat, chicken-free diet. Krystin’s dog, Rosie, was diagnosed with Protein Losing Enteropathy due to underlying Lymphangectasia – big words that meant an extremely low-fat prescription diet. We started this journey because of our love of dogs and our frustration with the options for healthy dog treats on the market. We're hopeful that we can help other frustrated pet-parents feel good about rewarding their puppers!

Why we're different

Big box stores, and even some small dog bakeries, market their treats to look good, but dogs are not designed to eat human foods. Sugars and preservatives are very bad for their health and yet they are still commonly found in popular treats! Fondant, icing, ingredients you can't pronounce; these all spell bad news for your pup. So, while those bright cakes and cookies may look cute, they’re super unhealthy.

We use only ingredients that are beneficial to dogs. Everything we make is vegetarian and has NO added sugar, NO added salt, and NO preservatives. We make everything by hand to ensure that our products contain only highest quality ingredients that your dog deserves.

Meet the PAWesome owners