PAWsitive feedback

  • Jersey (Goldendoodle)

    "Our dogs loved the dog treats and we loved them as well due to them being healthy and good for our dogs. Another bonus is supporting a local business in Avon Ohio! They are the best!"

    - Rob M.

  • Khalee (Goldendoodle)

    "Thank you Kloud9 Barkery for this super tasty birthday cake for Khalee! Khalee has some food allergies so we don't give her treats often, but we didn't have to worry one bit with using Kloud9 Barkery because they use all natural and dog healthy ingredients (no irregular bowel movements or spit ups even after eating all that cake which is huge for us!)."

    - Adriane D.

  • Fran, Bernie, Ozzie & Penny (Chihuahua/Mixed Breed)

    "Absolutely over the moon for these amazing treats! My dogs all have special dietary restrictions and these treats have been the best! My fur babies are in heaven! Top quality treats and I feel great knowing that they are made with the best ingredients ❤️ "

    - Neely F.

  • Rudy (Toy Poodle) & Scout (Bernedoodle)

    "They LOVE the treats!!My little guy Rudy (black dog) is my picky eater and he gobbled them right up!!I will for sure be ordering more!!"

    - Stefanie F.

  • Quigley (Goldendoodle)

    "Not only are the treats beautiful and were gobbled up by our finicky Goldendoodle, they caused no intestinal or allergy problems like other treats in the past from other vendors have done... These two women have knocked it out of the park with their dog treat business. We are huge fans and will keep coming back for more Barkery items for our dog. Thanks so much!"

    -Erin S.

  • Boomer (Mastiff)

    "Well for one of the pickiest eaters around… he LOVED them! ... I’m not lying, he doesn’t eat any dog treats and only one type of dog food!...We have gone through a bunch of different foods and treats because he was having allergic reactions as well..."

    - Kevin W.

  • Maverick (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

    "These ladies are wonderful to work with and went out of their way to make sure Maverick and his sister Aurora has a yummy treat to share! I would recommend them to anyone!! We will be going back for sure!! Thanks Kloud9 for being part of our special day!!"

    - Shauna S.

  • Hesston (Goldendoodle)

    "It is safe to say that Hesston LOVES his birthday cupcakes! For the first time since becoming a dog mom, I was able to buy dog treats without having to do any research. I love knowing these treats are safe, healthy AND delicious! Great customer service! Highly recommend! ♥️🐶"

    - Kayla M.

  • Bella (English Bulldog)

    "Thank you Kloud9 for creating a very healthy and tasty treat for our baby."

    - James T.

  • Bailey (Yellow Lab)

    "Happy 3rd Birthday to Bailey!...Thanks to my friend Jennifer Cornaro for the cute “pupcakes” from kloud9 bakery."

    - Kristina G.

  • Hank (Black Lab Mix)

    "Hank loves the treats, especially the truffles! He is usually a soft treat boy, but he did enjoy the biscuits as well!"

    - Marissa T.

  • Lola (Yorkie)

    "Lola loved the healthy and homemade Christmas treats! Such a good feeling knowing the treats are made with healthy and quality ingredients! Can’t wait to buy her more! Thanks Kloud9"

    - Amber J.

  • Draco (Shepherd) & Apollo (Mixed Breed)

    “Our pups love Kloud9 treats! Great, healthy ingredients for our best furry friends”

    - Christine R.

  • Willa (Yellow Lab)

    "Thank you! Willa loves these!"

    - Freya K.

  • Diva (Doberman Mix)

    "Diva loves your treats !!!! Eating them with a smile... I almost tried it - it smelled so good"

    - Joanna P.

  • Paisley (Blue Tick Hound/Border Collie)

    "Love that they are made with good ingredients! Can't wait to get more! Thank you!"

    - Kristina S.

  • Lola (Yorkie)

    "Awesome, efficient baking duo ♡ Truly care about us clients and our furbabies. I love the attention to our pups needs, personable style and ease of pick up (availability) freshness. Lola btw is a REAL picky eater"

    - Heather S.

  • Rosie (Beagle)

    "I got some of these treats for my dog and she absolutely LOVED them! She has some weight issues but loves her treats so knowing these treats are so much healthier than store bought makes us both happy"

    - Brenda B.

  • Eddie (Britney Spaniel/Lab/ Beagle)

    "Eddie went CRAZY for his Kloud9 treats!... It is so reassuring to know that when Eddie has treats from now on, they are actually GOOD for him!"

    - Debbie C.

  • Pippin & Lily (Chihuahua Mix)

    "Our fur babies only get the healthiest products we can find, and our youngest is allergic to chicken. That means no poultry, limited ingredients, no preservatives, and made in America. Kloud9 checks all the boxes!"

    - Brian T.